Chamber Square, Lion Match Office Park, 892 Umgeni Road, Durban

eThekwini Municipality Medium Term Revenue and Expenditure Framework

eThekwini Municipality Medium Term Revenue and Expenditure Framework (MTREF) 2014/2015 to 2016/2017

As far as the Chamber is concerned, early consultation with the Municipality over the budget proved impossible towards the end of 2013. Owing to these circumstances, the Chamber did not have the opportunity to provide constructive input into the budget as it had done the previous year.

Overall, the Chamber is supportive of the Municipality’s conservative approach to revenue projections and its austere expenditure forecasts. It is this prudent approach which the Chamber believes will promote economic development in the city. However, the Chamber has identified four key areas, which it believes the Municipality can improve upon in this MTREF, namely: unaccounted for water, illegal electricity connections, business confidence and bad debts. The Chamber has made several suggestions which it believes will improve the business landscape in the Municipality and contribute to an environment which is conducive to entrepreneurship and development.

Please find attached, the comment in its entirety.

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