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Employment Equity Act, Regulations

Employment Equity Act, Regulations

The Chamber appreciates and promotes the importance of encouraging designated groups to hold senior management positions. However, we do not believe that this is merely a matter of quotas to be achieved over factors such the requisite skills, capacity and staff productivity.  Thus, the Chamber fully supports the concerted effort to improve standards of education for black South Africans and the provision of initiatives to ensure that black South Africans have the best chances of accessing economic wealth.

The Chamber also highlights that affirmative action policies based on race should be seen as a temporary measure (a sentiment expressed by Rob Davies and several commentators), and that in due time, affirmative actions policies will encourage the advancement of disadvantaged individuals, and that race will no longer be the primary determinant of ‘need’.

Finally, it is critical that South Africa, as for many other nations, look broadly at the negative consequences of unemployment and pursue every opportunity to promote job growth, especially linking it with training and opportunity building.

Please find attached, the comment in its entirety.

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