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Draft Integrated Resource Plan for Electricity (2013-2030), A Commentary

The Chamber finds the plan as set out very acceptable as a way forward for the next sixteen years. Attention has been drawn, particularly however, to a need for greater incentives for the development of energy efficiencies in all business sectors, including small and medium-sized businesses. The achievement of desired results should not be expected of large industrial entities alone.

The Chamber has also highlighted its belief that more attention needs to be given to renewable sources of energy and a greater focus on the growth of a green economy, particularly considering the potential for job creation, as illustrated in the comment.

The current adverse circumstances might have been avoided to some significant degree had there been greater efficiencies in the generation and distribution of electricity in the past. The deficiencies have included inadequatr attention to maintenance (within the national and municipal grids) and indifferent planning. The Chamber believes that the recipients of electricity alone cannot be relied upon to practice all the energy efficiencies required.

The Chamber notes there is no reference in the plan to generation by nuclear power. This is related to the understanding, perhaps, that any nuclear development would not be brought to fruition during the period for which the plan has been drawn. The merits of nuclear energy require more urgent consideration and attention.

Please find attached, the comment in its entirety.

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