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DCCI Labour Cheat Sheet Series

The DCCI is proud to launch its newest publication, the DCCI Labour Cheat Sheet Series. The Series will include the weekly publication of labour guidelines on various topical HR issues, in the Digest Pulse (Tuesdays). The purpose of the Cheat Sheet is to provide an overview of a specific HR matter; provide definitions; outline the role of the employer and the employee; and highlight what the employer can and cannot do with regard to the theme. Case studies and links to additional information will also be provided.


Issue 1 (attached) focuses on absenteeism. This issue identifies elements of absenteeism and outlines the responsibilities of the employer in establishing absenteeism.


Issue 2 (attached) focuses on sexual harassment. This issue outlines what constitutes sexual harassment and provides company guidelines for a sexual harassment policy.


Issue 3 (attached) focuses on pregnancy and the workplace. This issue provides guidelines for the health and safety of pregnant women and identifies areas of pregnancy which may affect work.


Issue 4 (attached) focuses on desertion. This issue outlines how the employer establishes desertion and provides a procedure for employers to follow should they suspect desertion.


Issue 5 (attached) focuses on polygraphs. This issue defines when a polygraph may be used and provides guidelines for a company policy on polygraphs.



Please note that in the preparation of the DCCI Labour Cheat Sheet Series, every effort has been made to offer the most current, correct and clearly expressed information possible. Nonetheless, inadvertent errors can occur, and applicable laws, rules, and regulations often change. Further, the information contained herein is intended to afford general guidelines on matters of interest, and must be read in conjunction with your organisation’s policies and procedures. The application and impact of the information can vary widely, however, from case to case, based upon the specific or unique facts involved. Accordingly, the information in the DCCI Labour Cheat Sheet Series is not intended to serve as legal advice. Professional advice should therefore be sought before action based on any information is taken. The DCCI disclaims any responsibility for positions taken without due consultation.

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