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Don’t forget about the DCCI clothing drive!

Following the success of the DCCI’s Mandela Day Clothing Drive, the Chamber will continue to collect unused work clothes for young people entering formal employment for the first time. We are collecting clothes for both men and women, so please donate your pants, shirts, skirts, ties and blazers by dropping…


DCCI and SEIFSA KZN hosted wildly successful manufacturing roundtable

In late October, the DCCI, in collaboration with SEIFSA KZN, hosted a meeting of their manufacturing members, at the DCCI’s offices. The event was met with much enthusiasm, as over 60 manufacturers attended to voice their views on the state of their industry. A panel of topic experts was constituted,…


DCCI Releases Minimum Wage Research Paper

If government were to legislate a minimum wage without a good deal of prior consultation with Business, the response of Organised Business may be naively simplistic. As in most other issues relating to the country’s economic welfare and growth, complexity is at the heart of any debate. It is easy…


DCCI Highlights Minimum Wage Inflation Risks

Following the release of the DCCI’s Economic Implications of Minimum Wage Implementation paper, Polity and Engineering News published an article stating that the DCCI paper highlighted the inflationary risk of a minimum wage on the macroeconomy. Click view the article


DCCI drives its Business Vision for the Economic Development of Durban

Economic development is arguably better understood by the private rather than the public sector. The reason is clear: the private sector harbours businesses which are the engines for economic growth. The public sector, while contributing significantly to the economy itself, has the role of ensuring that the environment is conducive…


National Treasury Carbon Offset Paper, 2014

The Chamber appreciates the opportunity to provide into the proposed carbon offsets scheme. The Chamber, while supportive of the scheme in general, is primarily concerned by the institutional arrangements required in administering the scheme. Please find attached, the comment in its entirety.